2020 Toyota Fortuner Redesign, Specs & Release Date

Here are The New updates of 2020 Toyota Fortuner. Since its first arrival in 2005 to fill the car segment of a Sporty Utility Vehicle (SUV) in Asian, the Toyota Fortuner did not take long to become an idol in the high SUV class. With its masculine look and manufactured by a well-known maker, the Fortuner offers a real SUV feel to Asian people who are like a strong car for all terrain, and certainly comfortable to travel with family. The latest Fortuner is released in 2018 and Toyota is going to release New Fortuner SUV with better specifications. Let us find out the new specifications of 2020 Toyota Fortuner that you are really waiting for.

2020 Toyota Fortuner VRZ Price & Equipment

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2020 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

Toyota has released the latest generation of its flagship SUV, called All New Fortuner. The new generation of the Toyota Fortuner was an opening dish that was so ‘delicious’ since 2016. The presence of the All-New Fortuner further complements Toyota’s line-up in the high-class vehicle class Carrying the theme of ‘All New’ that is put before its name, the Toyota Fortuner now truly comes with a comprehensive refreshment in the exterior and exterior that has the concept of ‘Stylish and Confidence’. The new design concept on the All New Toyota Fortuner 2020 looks so fresher, more stylish, and certainly more manly.


The first thing that we can check of the new 2020 Toyota Fortuner is the exterior design. The Toyota Fortuner 2020 will get a lot of changes. If we check in detail, the design the appearance of the All-New Fortuner 2020 will bring a nuance that is truly new compared to the previous generation. It is not mistaken if this car brings a concept of ‘Stylish and Confidence’. This All New Toyota Fortuner looks more luxurious and classy. You can see it on the curves of the body and a more fresh grille concept, as well as fog lights that now appear more elegant.

Interior Changes

In terms of interior, the latest All New Toyota Fortuner 2020 specifically on the SRZ and VRZ types have been equipped with a remote smart entry. When the driver enters the car cabin, the white cabin LED will turn on and it is very useful at night. For Multi-Information Display (MID), it will still use 8 inches TFT screen type that is dominated with blue accent. In particular, for the All New Toyota Fortuner VRZ type, there is an electronic seating arrangement feature. So, you do not need to use a lever anymore because you just press the button next to the chair. Other features found in the interior are telescopic steering and tilt. There is also a paddle shift for audio controls as well as phone call answer by voice.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Interior Updates

Engine Specs

The new models of SRZ and VRZ Type are equipped with a more powerful engine. It seems that 2020 Toyota Fortuner has a significant change on its engine, especially if it is compared to the Fortuner 2015 and 2014. For the engine itself, the All-New Fortuner 2018 dan 2020 are equipped with two engine options. The first engine is 2.4L VNT engine with the capacity of 2393cc. The second engine is 2.7 Dual VVTi with the capacity of 2694cc. The diesel engine option can produce maximum power as much as 149,7 Ps at 3400 rpm with a torque of 40.81 lb-ft at 1600-2000 rpm. Meanwhile, the fuel engine can produce maximum power up to 153 Ps at 3400 rpm with a torque of 24.7 at 4000 rpm.


Most of the people who want to purchase a new car will pay attention to its features first. So, what about the new Fortuner. It seems that this new generation of Toyota Fortuner will have similar features to the previous 2018 Fortuner. For the comfort feature, the All New Toyota Fortuner is one step ahead with tons of features equipped including a new audio system, Navigation, Mirror cast, and Toyota Move. Moreover, another cool feature on this new Toyota Fortuner is that it can display your smartphone screen on the head unit screen. It is also completed with auto AC with digital control that you can operate it on the second row of seating. Furthermore, it is also completed with air gesture and electric seat adjustment. For 2020 Toyota Fortuner SRZ and VRZ, there are also some screens on the second row of seating. Next, you can also find a charging port in front of the seats.

Safety Equipment

Meanwhile, for the safety features, the cabin of the 2020 Toyota Fortuner is also equipped with Triple SRS airbag features and also Isofix or baby seats. Then, the braking section is equipped with ABS and EBD features. In addition, the All New Toyota Fortuner 2020 is also equipped with Trailer to Sway Control for 4×4 VRZ type, Vehicle Stability Control features for the 4 × 4 VRZ type, A-TRC / Active Traction Control,  Emergency Brake Signal, and Hill Start Assist which is now starting become a global standard vehicle feature. There is also a hazard warning feature that automatically lights up, both headlights and taillights when the driver makes a sudden braking for the 4×4 VRZ type Fortuner. Finally, to complete the specifications of the 2020 Toyota Fortuner on its safety features, there is also a rear parking camera and all around sensors, as well as a shark fin antenna.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Release Date

Talking about the new 2020 Toyota Fortuner, you may want to know when the officials will release this car. Anyway, according to a rumor, this new model of Toyota Fortuner will be released at the end of 2019. So, you have to wait for it. For now, you may enjoy your 2018 Fortuner that already has some cool features. We hope that the Toyota Fortuner will get more updates and has more features compared to the current model.


Talking about the price, you really want to know how much this new 2020 Toyota Fortuner may cost. It may be a bit expensive than the 2018 Fortuner, but it is not too significant. According to a rumor, this car will be around $32000. This car will be released in some Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, and others.