2020 Dacia Sandero Stepway, What We Know So Far | Redesign, Price

One of the most affordable SUV lineups, the Dacia Sandero, will have a new model soon. Indeed, the 2020 Dacia Sandero Stepway will come sooner than later. Renault, the parent company of Darcia, has unveiled the upcoming Sandero Stepway a few months ago. Want to know what kind of SUV the new Sandero Stepway will be? Here’s what the things we know so far about it.

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2020 Dacia Sandero Stepway Redesign – A Subtle New Styling

Let’s start with the styling. The Sandero Stepway, along with Logan, receives a new styling. On its front end, we can see the lineup’s signature LED included in its headlights. There are also new front bumpers and an updated chrome grille which looks like the grille of Renault’s latest vehicles.

On its rear end, the taillights also undergo a redesign as a brand new LED signature is included. Just like the front end, it is filled with Renault’s signature design elements all over the place. The difference is, however, the new Sandero Stepway’s taillamps are longer than the other Renault vehicles.

These changes in styling are subtle. None of them change the looks of the SUV drastically. If anything, they are subtle. They give a more modern, sleek, and sophisticated look to the new SUV, something which we can all welcome.

Upgraded Interior

Of course, the exterior is not the only one that gets upgraded. The interior gets that too. According to Dacia, the upcoming SUV’s interior will use new materials. For example, leather or fabric door panels, leather-wrapped steering wheel (with some accents from anodized chrome) as well as dark roof lining. The automaker also says that the seats will be new with thicker and wider foams for more comfort.

As for the infotainment system, the new Sandero Stepway will be equipped with a new 7.0-inch display with Dacia’s Media Evolution infotainment system. This system offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with a reverse camera and Bluetooth.

2020 Dacia Sandero Stepway Engine and Transmission

Let’s talk about the engine and transmission of the 2020 Dacia Sandero Stepway now. There are two engine options offered for the upcoming Sandero Stepway. The first is a 1.0-liter SCe inline-three gasoline engine. This engine is the standard engine. The second is a 1.6-liter SCe inline-four gasoline engine. This engine is optional.

In terms of output, the standard engine is capable of delivering up to 78 horsepower. The optional engine is a lot powerful with an output of 113 horsepower. You might think that these numbers are low. You are not wrong. However, considering the Dacia is mainly targeted for urban drivers, the low output is not a problem. It is capable enough for daily driving around the city and highway.

What makes the engines unique, however, is their capability of running on both gasoline and ethanol. And not only that, when fueled by ethanol, the engines get extra 3 horsepower. It is a slight boost but certainly nice for customers who prefer ethanol to.

The standard engine is paired with a five-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT) X-Tronic manual transmission gearbox. While this gearbox is standard for the 1.0-liter engine, it is available as optional for the 1.6-engine.

Extra Addition for the CVT-equipped Variants

The models that come equipped with the CVT gearbox get an extra addition as standard. What kind of addition? The wheel arches of these models will be surrounded by plastic cladding.

Safety Updates

What about safety? Does it get any updates? Yes. It does. For the 2020 Sandero Stepway, Dacia includes four airbags. And this safety update becomes the standard for all Sandero Stepway models. There are also Isofix latches at the rear to accommodate two children. The CVT m

2020 Dacia Sandero Stepway Pricing

The exact pricing has yet to be announced. That said, using the current models to estimate, the starting price of the new Sandero Stepway should be around $16,275. Keep in mind that this is only the starting price. The costs of additional features and/or packages are not included.


The new Dacia Sandero Stepway will be at least just as good as the current model. It has a good-looking design, practical interior, decent engine options, and various features, safety updates, and other amenities. So far, this is what we know about the 2020 Dacia Sandero Stepway. More details will come as the date of release is closing in.